Support act – Brave New Void

I had never heard of this band before, and if you haven’t they are worth checking out.  They have only been performing together a few months and so its not a great stage show yet – they are still a little to focused on playing and not relaxed enough to smile and interact much with the audience, but there is definetely that potential.

The opening song was the slowest of the set, but it was a showcase for the singer.
He has a voice that has all the best tones and smoothness of Morrissey, it was wonderful.  The set built up nicely from there, each song built on the last getting progressivley heavier so that by the end we were in full on rock, the last song played is their first single.
The drummer was fantastic, and completely stole the show IMO, he was just a complete animal and completely into what he was doing.
Check them out here: and if you want to catch them live soon they are playing at Bodega on September 27th and October 2nd.


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Pop Will Eat Itself

So it was a Tuesday night and I’d recently gotten over a cold, so I was a bit hesitant about going out – but it was absolutely worth it.  I haven’t been to an international act for a while, and I forgot just how much more polished and pumped up they can be.  Given it was a mid-week show there was a good crowd there and as expected a fairly wide age range; these kinds of crowds are actually great.  Everyone is a fan and there to enjoy the music, the mosh pit is actually fairly friendly.
The current line up has been together since 2011 and only features one of the original members (singer Graham Crabb) but it made little difference.  A 5 piece is always going to look crowded on Bodegas small stage, but somehow they made it work.  Crabb and fellow vocalist Mary Byker took the centre and from the word go jumped around energetically and delivered a great performance, they were doing what they loved and it showed.
The new bassist Davey Bennett is a must see – tall and lean with a head full of dreadlocks he managed to pull off that perfect compilation of energy, enthusiasm and smoothness.  He dominated his part of the stage and I don’t think he stopped smiling once as he pounded out some brilliant bass lines.  Definately one of the best rock and roll bassists I have seen.

Photos by Dan Robinson (Soul Photography)