Opening act – VWO (virgins with orifices)

This was an “entertaining” band to watch…… their music sounded like a mix of 80’s pop Cure and something else that I couldn’t quite put my finger on.  The lead singer is very enthusiastic, to the point of being out of time with the rest of the band :/  During the opening song it sounded a bit like they weren’t quite in time, but they sorted it for the rest of the set.

The 3rd song had a very bluesy-rock sound to it and the singer was determined to put on a show – all credit to him in his enthusiastic youth.

Some excellent bass lines but overall I would have to say the guitarist had the best stage performance of the lot – very relaxed and a charisma that I suspect will grow with more performances (some of the rest sometimes seemed like they were trying to hard –  but it’s a fine line….).

There was a lot of instrument swapping through the set, but not done smoothly, it can be made a show of but its bloody hard to do without breaking the rhythm of the set.   That said after the last swap of the set everyone looked the most natural on their respective instruments and the last couple of songs were the best of the set..

Brave New Void

BNV Oct 2 2014
Brave New Void

After hearing these guys open for PWEI I really wanted to check them out again – and I’m glad I did.  (There is always the chance that your memory of an opening act can be exaggerated by the hype/alcohol of the initial event.)

Their opening song is fantastic – it’s similar to the opening song on Sleeping with Ghosts (Placebo) with a full on long opening riff, it then moves into a song that really showcases Joes voice.  Tonight with more room on stage they were much more relaxed and it even looked like they were having fun.  Joe definitely has charisma on stage – smooth voice and a great smile.

Again I was impressed with how cooly they dealt with technical difficulties – and this shows just how experienced these musicians are individually, most of them have been performing for around 20 years (check out their back stories on FB –

A favourite would have to be Change the Skyline , it starts slow and then builds up perfectly into a great rock song with an excellent bass line (and I am all about the bass).  I think it really shows what these guys can do.

They are releasing their first single soon (its going to be a double – The flesh is willing and Stay Up) but my preference was for the song after (The Very End) which has a very catchy bass line.

I’m really glad I caught these guys again –with a bit more room to move they relaxed and had fun, although it was a shame that it meant Chris (the drummer) was relegated to the back.  With so much talent and experience here I suspect this is a band to watch…….

Bakers Eddy

Bakers Eddy Oct 2 2014

All I want to say is wow.  These guys may only be 18 but don’t let their youth put you off.  They have been playing together for 5 years and are really tight and professional.  This is good rock, they have an edge and they have talent.  They are all naturals on stage and each member has his own charm.

They are through to the semi-finals of Battle of the Bands, so take an opportunity to check them out – in my opinion they are better than Shihad was at the same age.