Opening Act – Curlys Jewels These guys won the competition to open for Villainy, it was based on fan votes so they obviously have a good following already.  I found their music catchy with some great bass lines and of course its always fantastic to see a female up on stage. The performance was nothing to write home about, but then the crowd was still very small and its always hard to be the opening act.  I suspect they will be worth catching in a smaller venue when they are not the opening act.  Check out their music here:

Stitches I will admit I was really amped up and ready for Villainy so was not overwhelmed by these guys.  If you like their single (Light) it is worth picking up their EP, but I don’t rate their live show yet.

Villainy Villainy is a do not miss band in my book, and once again they proved the point.  They had played a fairly packed gig the night before in Auckland, so James was a little bit less lively than usual, but that did not stop them putting on a show. They played all the old favourites and several new songs.  It was great to hear them doing something different with the older material – I especially enjoyed how they played Gather Yourself.  In fact I enjoyed it so much I decided to go and see them the following week in Palmerston North so I could hang back and just enjoy the atmosphere – but I will write about that one soon……..