Opening Act:  Danny Dangerously


Otherwise known as ‘one man glam’, with his white ‘leather’ pants, blonde wig and bandanna Danny certainly looks the part – and when he starts singing you sure can tell he is a man of many talents.  He plays guitar and sings to a backing track (I later found out that all the guitar on the backing track is also performed by him) .  There is a group that obviously go to a lot of his shows, all dressed up and completely into the show, and they very much add to the atmosphere.

Highlights of the evening for me were Crazy Train and Sweet Child of Mine.  I was blown away when he started the riff to sweet child, but then he managed to sing the lyrics, play the guitar and dance (Axl Roses hip swing) all at the same time – it was strangely sexy and jaw droppingly good.

This show was a lot of fun – I can’t wait till I get to see a full set.

Luger Boa

Having not performed together for 18 months there was a lot of anticipation in the lead up to this show.  The crowd was a bit thin (as the students had left Palmy), but everyone there was a big fan.  The enthusiasm of the band was contagious and the sound was incredibly tight, you really could not tell they had not been playing together for over a year.

P1010433The band could not keep the grins off their faces once they started playing – this is a line up that really works well together, they are effortless performers and fit together even on a small stage and their individual style compliments each other.

And then thereP1010446 is Jimmy Christmas.  He was absolutely on fire, packed full of energy, jumping, dancing, climbing on the speakers and moving in and out of the crowd.  His stage persona is just chock full of charisma and you can’t help but be sucked in.  Once again he showed that he is probably the best front-man in NZ at the moment.

The set list was a good mix of all their favourites, with a couple of new ones chucked in.  Paralysed and Lazy wereP1010438 big hits with the crowd as always, and I loved the way they rocked up On My Mind (one of my favourite songs).

They only have a couple of shows left on this tour, and Joe may be heading back overseas soon after, so make sure you get to see them.