Opening Act: Saint Drogo

Saint Drogo are an alternative progressive rock band.  They had an interesting vibe on stage – the lead singer was energetic (possibly slightly too much so given his slightly un-co nature) and the rest of the band barely looked up.  The music was equally eclectic with the slower song having a slightly Cure-ish vibe and the faster ones verging on metal.  Overall I think this is a band who will grow on you, worth making the effort to check them out if they are opening for someone.

Killing Bear

Described as experimental pop rock, they played an instrumental set.  This is not really my thing as it always ends up feeling like you are watching a bunch of guys jamming in their garage.  This evening was no exception, may be worth checking out if you like a band with minimal to no vocals (but I am all about the lyrics)

Main Act: Brave New Void

So I have seen these guys several times recently and they are just getting better and better.  Tonights show was just WOW!!!  They have been working on their stuff and this was the first time I can say that they were far more rock than indie.  Carl was looking relaxed and having fun trying out some new moves on stage and Matt finally busted out of his shell and showed the others how to rock.  Their new song has a very Sisters of Mercy vibe to it and their first single (The Flesh is Willing) is shaping up to be a hit.  They are taking a short break from playing gigs but I expect they’ll be back in April ready to promote the shit out of their single – don’t miss it.