Opening act: Shrines

Very new 3 piece band, kind of a poppy jazz-rock sound.  They have potential but need more time, it is hard for a 3 piece to put on a show . Female leads voice is reminiscent of Gin Wigmores at times and the bass player holds his bass too high which makes him look kind of awkward.  It feels like the lead singer wrote the songs and then found the other members of the band.

Bakers eddy
As always they are excellent and tight.  It always amazes me just how in synch these guys are.
Ian (the bass player) is especially entertaining tonight. Ciarann (the lead singer) is feeling very chatty tonight, at times it comes off a little forced.  But overall these guys are professional – keep an eye out they are going places.

Shadow blasters
I loved this band.  I would describe the music as Dillonish bluesy rock. There is some incredible songwriting going on here: Swamp rock sounded a lot like CCR (in a good way).
The lead singer has the x factor and the whole act comes out as being engaging and catchy – I will definately be going to see these guys again.