Saint Drogo

Last timSaint Drogo 02_13_2015e I saw these guys I left with the feeling that they are worth giving a second chance, and I’m happy to say that tonights set was much, much better and it really highlighted how amazing their lead guitarist is.  The only negative was the sound quality (not unusual for a small gig at Bodega sadly).

Last time I would have described them as a bipolar band with the way they alternated rapidly between fast and slower songs; tonight was a much better set list.  The songs built up over the set into something quite fast paced by the end, but it still had a very atmospheric ‘cureish’ vibe to it.  Intererstingly The Cure is not one of the guitarists influences, that sound comes from the blend he puts together

This is a band that has only been playing together for a few months and so they are still looking a little focused on playing the right notes on stage – however there is a lot of talent up there and they will only get better.  I suspect that the ‘bipolar’ nature of their songs will even become part of their appeal.

Bakers EddyBakers Eddy 02_13_2015

Kicked off tonight with a new song, which has an excellent, thumping, catchy riff so was a good choice to start with.  They are starting to experiment with their set list now that they have a few more songs – hopefully they will take a few risks with it over the next few months.  They should however drop that cover they do, it doesn’t really suit them (although Ciarann seems to love singing it).

Were you there?  What did you think of the set list and the cover?  Can you suggest a better one?

Check out the video for their single Something Outside.