Excellent show as always from these guys – they have really been on form recently. Standing back a further today I finally got my head around why they are so good – every single one of them loves what they are doing and is a show unto themselves, and yet their styles work together so well the overall impression is amazing.

They played a perfect mix of old and new songs, and possibly the best version of Another Time yet – Thoms riffs were clear and everyone really rocked it up. The Answer was fantastic and following it with another pumping song – Gather Yourself – really got the crowd going.  I love Safe passage and it looks like it has the potential to be the new alligator skin, its not often you see a crowd pumping like this for an unknown song.
The only let down was the sound during Alligator Skin (it happened last year too), it just sounded flat with no bass, but thats the TSB arena for you.


I like devilskins music, but everytime I have seen them live I have been underwhelmed.  They sound good live, and Jenny is pitch perfect but man are they boring live.  There is very little energy and Jenny seems to pretty much rely on strutting about the stage.  This was a boring arena gig – and I’ll admit I left halfway through as they just weren’t engaging.

Black River Drive

Sadly I missed the beggining of this set, but what I got I pretty much enjoyed.  I love the way their songs sound live but this is a band in a state of transition and it showed at times.  Sam and Rusty were fantastic but the others (newer band members) looked like they were dialling it in, which is real shame because I know that they can perform with this band.  Matt was no where to be seen and at times the sound felt a little empty.

Grenade absolutely rocked live, as did Fly Straight for the Sun.  Doomsday could have been played a little bit more heavily (it felt a little slow at times) and I think the slow songs in the middle of the set lost their momentum – I would have prefered to have heard Call the Doctor or something heavier (but they may have already been played at the beginning).

I’m watching and waiting to see what happens with this band – I love their music, it would be sad if they just disappeared.