This is the debut album from Wellington band Brave New Void.  I have seen them play live several times and really enjoy their music so it was with much anticipation that I picked up this album from Joe.

Overall the songs on the album are much fuller and more rounded, there are some subtle differences but I think they have captured the essence of the songs well enough that if you like them live you will not be disappointed by the album.  And if you haven’t seen them live then get this album and listen to it many times before coming to see them.

Brave New Void are also pretty good looking……..

This album has been well thought out, the first song (Keep On Keeping On) hints at all they can deliver, fantastic vocals, catchy guitar and bass lines all overlaid perfectly with each other in what can only be described as BNV’s unique indie/shoegaze/brit-pop/rock style.  From there the album builds nicely from 2 slightly darker themed songs (The Flesh is Willing and Perfect Man) to the more rocky Caesar.  Rolling into the incredibly catchy Day Becomes Night (which has some nice pop hooks) the mood then dips into the lovely, gentle song that is Nothing Remains (heavy hints of the darker Brit influences here).  Following with the slightly more upbeat and rocky sounding Stay Up (until you listen to the lyrics that is) was a great choice and stopped the end of the album from feeling too dark and brooding.

They definitely save their best song for last though (IMO) – Change the Skyline is a song which starts simply and builds slowly into something that is complex and layered and highlights Joes fantastic voice, Chris’s amazing drumming, not to mention the incredibly crafted guitar and bass lines, and well placed vocal harmonies.  This song may almost fall into the ‘perfect song’ category.  Worth buying the album for this song on its own.

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