The first listen of this album felt like an emotional rollercoaster, jumping from Safe Passage to the ‘in your face’ Syria and then later the slightly slower The National Guard followed by No Future.  But, after listening to it many (many) more times I feel like it works better as it is than on shuffle..

Give upuoH7x7f2 the ghost comes creeping out at the beginning, there is something quite unique about this song and I suspect that its catchy hook will make an instant success if it is ever released as a single.  This is followed by Safe Passage – which has been hugely popular at their live shows (and may be one of their best songs) and Syria which fully encompasses everything that is great about Villainy live – raw, catchy, aggressive and incredibly satisfying to sing along to.

Dead Sight is fast becoming my new theme song – for reasons that I won’t say here – needless to say it is fantastic.  With both Dead Sight and Nothing Ever Changes they mastered the ambiguous songs; the music is almost cheerful and upbeat and then the lyrics have a wonderful darkness to them.

The rest of the album is completely amazing.  The National Guard can only be described as heartrending.
Overall this album highlights the excellent musicians that these guys are.  The songs make much better use of Neill’s amazing voice and the tracks all have some fantastic catchy riffs and drum beats.  I can’t wait to hear these songs live.