Villainy steps up and gets the crowd rocking with Ammunition and No Future before moving into a new song Love and War and they bring it to a whole new level – but then taking an album track somewhere different is what these guys do so well. Gather yourself has everyone clapping along spontaneously. Neill is amazing tonight on stage – so energetic, so charismatic.
Tantalus and Give Up The Ghost are both excellent live and both contain those joyous little riffs that give Thom a chance to shine on stage – his love of playing live leads to some great showmanship and is always engaging.
As usual Alligator Skin stepped things up a bit in the mosh pit, but once again Safe Passage has an even bigger reaction.  Finishing with Syria leaves the room in no doubt that these guys ar possibly the best live act in NZ right now.

Highlight: Having the drum kit near the front of the stage gave Dave a chance to shine (and he is always fantastic to watch on stage).

Lowlight: James got no air (but the roof was kind of low)

Devilskin – tonight was probably the best I have seen them live, they look like they are having a good time and there were moments when they were actually engaging.  But I like a live sound to be a little raw, and they run too close to the CD for me.  It creates an atmosphere on stage where  Niall and Paul can look a little too focused on ensuring they hit all the notes perfectly whilst trying to get in some semi-choreographed moves.  Once again their drummer Nic is the best showman in the group.

Little Pills is a great closer and you can see they have a massive fan base here.  Overall – great sound, great music, ok performance.

Were you there?  What did you think?  Are you going tonight?  Let me know in the comments.