Ekko Park is a classic kiwi rock band – catchy sound with a good live stage presence.  Nick (the drummer) is completely engaging on stage and Joe (lead singer) has a voice that reminds me of Milan Borich (Pluto) – beautiful, unique and piercing. This is a band worth seeing several times.

And then Dead Letter Circus.  I am going to say this may be the the BEST live band I have ever seen.  At one point I could have happily turned the sound off completely and just watched them – the entire band loves what they are doing and have a huge amount of energy.  The crowd engagement is off the charts.  And then there is the bass player – I don’t think I have ever seen anyone have so much fun or jump around so much on stage, he plays the bass like he is a lead guitarist and his love for what he is doing is absolutely engrossing.  From the moment they stepped on stage I couldn’t stop grinning like a lunatic – I can guarantee I will never miss seeing these guys live and you shouldn’t either.

I was so engrossed I didn’t stop to get photos – so if you were there and did please let me know.