Having never been to Ding Dong before I was surprised at how small it was and how high the stage was – but these elements actually worked to create a great vibe for the night.

12308268_10153192401895811_1676173148084767019_nFirst up was Black Alpine – the sound is very influenced by 80’s rock/metal bands, they have a great big guitar sound that definitely reminded me of Black Sabbath.  I want to say this is a ‘hair band’ but that would be under valuing what they brought to the show – some great songs and a good stage show, and I strongly suspect that they were holding back……….

12342692_10153192400270811_3935549300428626440_nUnleash the Kraken is a band that formed over a bottle (or 2) of rum one night; it is also a band full of experience and talent from different genres.  Overall this creates an ecclectic mix of music  which is part 80’s rock and part metal/glam rock which of course makes Danny Dangerously the perfect frontman.  Danny holds the crowd with sheer force of personality during technical issues and everyone shines in their own right when things get going.  For a band that has only been together a matter of months they are very tight and the quality of their original music highlights how much talent there is – and then the best finale ever – a rocked up version of Take On Me left everyone wanting more, hopefully next time we will get an encore.

Photos by AnneMarie De Silva