So I wouldn’t usually try to write up 3 bands – but all 3 of them were so good that I can’t bring myself to leave one out. 

First up was New Age Leper – I had not heard these guys before and they absolutely floored me.  The sound is a great blend of funky, grungy rock with some amazing lyrics – and its not often that the lyrics are what catch you the first time you see a band live.  The performance is engaging and you can feel the bass lines thumping through your body.  The whole band is having fun and I can’t wait to see them in front of a larger crowd.

20151114_225907Second up was Bakers Eddy – this was the first time I had seen them since their Europe tour so I expected them to have stepped up their performance and they did not disappoint.  As always the sound was tight, but their stage presence was absolutely excellent; there was a noticable difference in Ian and Ciarann especially.  This is a (very) young band that is already superb – I strongly suggest you check them out soon because these guys are going places.

Lastly – Racing.  It is no secret that I absolutely adore Ed Knowles when he is performing, the performance is very old school rockn’roll; and of course the music is amazing.  This is a band full of talent and love for what they do.  To all the people that missed it – you really missed out.

So the night was fantastic.  The crowd was dismally small but each and every band performed like the place was packed.  This ended up being one of those great shows where each band was amazing in their own way and you could up close for each one.