If you haven’t seen HLAH in the last year or so you are really missing out – this gig showed that these guys can still put on a show that is as energetic and fun as they did 20 years ago.

20151211_225807Valhalla is a small, intimate and dark venue, it has a rich history and many of the best rock bands from Wellington have cut their teeth here – it’s a perfect place to hold their last gig for the year.  It is full of loyal HLAH fans who are ready to get mental.

It takes a few songs for the boys to warm up but once they get going it is fantastic.  The mosh pit is crowded, rough and stenchy – just like the old uni gigs.  Nigel and Simon are both on fire, they are obviously having a huge amount of fun tonight and pretty much hold the stage.  The new lean, mean Booga is a sight to behold – watching these guys you easily forget how old they are*, which in turn makes the crowd forget that many of us are the same age; there will be some bruised and sore bodies in the morning.

*by old I mean not in their 20’s anymore 🙂