This was one of the best value gigs I have ever been to.  $10 for 4 bands and every single one of them was brilliant.  What a great way to start the year.

I last saw Curlys Jewels when they opened for Villainy just over a year ago, and wow what an improvement on that show.  Janelle has an incredibly powerful voice which doesn’t falter – whether she is belting it out in their heavier numbers or soaring through the slower songs.  On top of that, she absolutely owns the stage – it’s clear she loves performing this music and moves effortlessly around the stage, best of all she manages all of this completely naturally and it never comes across as too overtly sexualised (which is often the fallback of some lesser female fronted bands).  Add to this some aggressive guitar and bass lines which have that great grungy rock sound and a tight performance from the whole band makes them an absolute stand-out live act.

Thin White Lines is a tight, engaging act with a catchy hard rock sound that is filled with excellent guitar riffs and superb drum beats.  Every single member is full of energy and enthusiasm on stage – making them (almost) as entertaining as my favourite live band.  Their set list grows and builds and after their ballad, which highlights how exceptional Alex’s voice is, they step it up again – the final few songs are fantastic; hard hitting and energetic.  Do not miss these guys when they next visit.