Bakers Eddy is a band to keep an eye on.  Since winning the 2015 Demon Energy Battle of the Bands, which included a prize of a 10 date tour across Europe, they have been making some decent waves in the local rock scene.  Summer saw them tour with former Battle of the Bands rivals Skinny Hobos and April sees them hit the road with Armed in Advance for a single release tour.  As if that wasn’t enough they have also just opened for US band Highly Suspect at the Powerstation on March 20.

I caught up Ian and Jamie prior to the Powerstation gig to talk tours and singles:

So tell me about the Europe tour.  How did it impact you as a band?

Ian: “One of the big things we learnt as a band was around learning to cope with the unexpected, such as arriving at a venue on the day we were playing with no idea what was available and having to set up with very little time, and often missing equipment.  We definitely learnt how to be more adaptive and flexible.”

Jamie: “We really learnt how to live with each other – it made us closer and drove us apart at the same time.  Prior to the tour we had only needed to deal with a few days (on tour), this was a month of living together, we were always lodged in the same room and really saw each other at our worst.  But at the same time we learnt how to cope with each other.”

On that note Ian, is it easier or harder when one of your bandmates is your brother?

Ian: “Actually we are way nicer to each other when we are on tour, we will actually do stuff for each other that we wouldn’t when we are at home.”

Jamie: “Yeah, but they bicker like an old married couple all the time – especially in the car.”

What are some of the highlights from the Europe tour?

Jamie: “Probably  playing to such massive crowds who had never heard of us and seeing them enjoy our music.”

Ian: “ Seeing Ciarann strip on stage in Turkey and perform the last few songs in a g-string.” (There is footage, but you need to buy them a beer to see it!).

You played a gig the other week at Zeal (an all ages venue) – it’s unusual to see a band which is at your level play somewhere so low key, how did that come about?

Ian: “When we were starting out Zeal gave us a stage to play. We played there a lot.  In fact, I don’t think we would be who we are without them.  It’s great to be able to give back.”

 Jamie: “Also we have a lot of fans that are under 18 who don’t get to see us otherwise.”

You’ve got lots coming up – what can we expect to see that’s different from the last tour?

Ian: “First up we are opening for Highly Suspect and are so excited about the opportunity to play the powerstation – it’s one of the best venues in the country.”

Jamie:“Yeah, it’s a fantastic opportunity for us and will hopefully expose us to a new audience.”

Ian:“The tour with Armed in Advance is going to be quite different from our Hobos tour, mainly because we have just gotten to spend a little time in the (recording) studio.”

Jamie: “We received some funding from NZ on Air which allowed us to record our new single Wallbreaker. We also put in some of our own funds to work on our other new material at the same time.” 

Ian: “We learnt loads in the studio. The new stuff has a more live sound – that is the big change you will see from the Hobos tour. Some of the songs have been refreshed and updated through what we learnt working with Asa Bennett (their producer).”

Talking about which of their new songs they most like (and about music in general),  Jamie clearly puts a lot of thought into his music; new track Circus is a favourite for him because of how it develops and the fact that it has a different feel from many of their other songs. Ian is more inclined to talk about the songs he loves to play live, such as Big Man.  They both like how their new single Wallbreaker has turned out and can’t wait to get it out on the road. 

In short, the boys from Bakers Eddy are incredibly dedicated to both the music and each other. They have big plans, and the determination to follow their dream.  Catch them while you can – on tour with Armed in Advance over the next few weeks. Dates and tickets at UTR  here.