Lloyd Langford offers a show that may be the perfect date night. Whether it’s a first date or you’re trying to revive a lost spark, I can guarantee that you will have something to discuss afterwards.

Langford has a charmingly soft Welsh accent, and with his slightly self-deprecating style, he warms up the audience with jokes about New Zealand including a very insightful joke about the bucket fountain and Cuba St. He even manages to make talking about the weather funny.

Moving on to the core part of his set, we get a variety of jokes about sex toys and some almost ‘too soon’ jokes about some (relatively) recently deceased celebrities. If you don’t pick up on at least one idea from this part of his set to ‘explore’ later, then you may lack imagination.

Throughout the show he engages with the audience, making us feel comfortable enough to contribute when asked, which inevitably leads to the odd heckle.  However, this ends up enriching future shows as he charmingly steals their jokes to incorporate into his set.

He then wraps up with a hilarious commentary about the ways in which we manipulate our bodies for the sake of ‘appearances’, and a few more jokes about New Zealand (insert obligatory flag reference).

Overall, if you like slightly suggestive comedy that tackles a variety of subjects, I would highly recommend you go along to one of his shows during the comedy festival.

You can see Lloyd Langford’s show Just the right level of Welshness at VK’s Comedy & Blues Bar, at 7pm from now until Saturday 30th of April.

Tickets available here: http://www.comedyfestival.co.nz/find-a-show/lloyd-langford/

(Originally published for artmurmurs.nz on 28/04/2016)


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