Jimeoin dances onto stage wearing a cowboy hat and doing what can only be described as a dad attempting to line dance. However it looks so ridiculous that the audience immediately warms to him.  

It also sets the night up perfectly, for he quickly admits that the title of his show is a very loose fit, mainly because he had to have one and it allows him do a bit he likes at the end of the show.

Jimeoin is known for his observational comedy and his expressive face, and that was exactly what he gave us.  The first half of the set touched on many different topics; from time to exercise, and even types of laughs, all interspersed with the occasional wife joke, which was the only thing that really tied the set together.  All delivered with his renowned facial expressions, sometimes it just took a look to make the crowd roar with laughter.

The second half of the show flowed better and he had me (and the rest of the audience) roaring with laughter as he smoothly made the mundane things in life funny.  Utilising the shared experience of making a cup of tea (and all the ways it can go wrong), it felt like I was laughing at myself as much as him.  He finishes with a few songs, and this may have been my favourite part of the night. At first each individual joke here seems simple, almost obvious, but by the time he has finished and the lights come up you realise just how clever the entire bit is.

During the show he repeatedly mentions that perhaps he should have called it  “What the f**k is this all about”, and I wholeheartedly agree, as you are definitely left thinking something like that as you walk out the door.

So if you like observational comedy that borders on the absurd then I can highly recommend getting along to Jimeoin this week in Auckland or Christchurch on May 8.

More information and tickets available from http://www.comedyfestival.co.nz/

*Originally published at artmurmurs.nz on 3/5/2016