You may know Tom Furniss from The Rock’s Morning Rumble, or you may have caught him on 7 Days and be somewhat familiar with his style, but his one-man show is something quite different.  In fact, I would say that Furniss delivered a show that is almost impossible to define.

He has a quirky yet confident manner that charms the audience. His style is almost that of a storyteller – but perhaps it edges closer to the ramblings of a 20-something-year-old, with a side of physical comedy for extra effect.  Every joke hit the mark, even the puns; one of them may even have been one of the best (or worst) puns involving a name I have heard (and it is not the shows title).

He tried something different, taking advantage of something that ‘the comedy gods have just sent him’. It has potential but doesn’t quite pan out  in the end so he just brushes it off with a ‘well I won’t try that again’ and keeps going. He seems completely unphased by any missteps or interruptions. When the inevitable hecklers start up, he deals to them with ease, never missing a beat or letting it throw him.

His shows do require a little bit of audience interaction, not a lot, but you can tell that a more responsive crowd will get a better performance. So if you do decide to go along, sit at the front and get involved if called on – I promise it is all very harmless (if a little R-rated). If that hasn’t convinced you, then go just to see his descriptions of sex and the ending of the show  – these two bits alone are worth the ticket price.

If you are in Auckland get along to his show: running from 10 – 14 May at the Basement Theatre.

Tickets available here:

*Originally published at on 3/5/2016