As we walk in to San Fran on Monday night we are handed a small questionnaire to fill out – it contains questions about bad experiences we have had.  Whilst filling these in we are lulled into the appropriate mood for the show by the gentle French music playing in the background and a selection of Marcel Lucont’s photos from his travels projected onto a screen on stage.

Lucont oozes arrogance and disdain; he starts by letting us know that there have been other festivals and other countries after which he has a couple of digs at New Zealand.  Obviously there was a flag joke here, and yes we may all be over them, but his was unique.  He proceeds to talk of his disdain for festivals, holidays and even children before moving on to the main part of the show: the Whine List.

The Whine List is constructed from the answers to the questionnaire we filled out at the beginning of the night.  As Lucont works through the first question he demonstrates his mastery of stand-up comedy; he is effortlessly smooth, quick thinking and always manages to find the joke.  He even manages to link all the replies to the first question together as he talks to the audience, as if they were all somehow working in the same company.

The Whine List is broken up excerpts from his book or a reading of one of his poems.  I am not a fan of poetry in general, but his poems can only be described as genius – 50 ways to leave your lover had me in hysterics by the end.  The concept seems simple but his delivery highlights his impeccable command of the craft.

If you like your humour dry, with a touch of arrogance and a lot of innuendo then this is the show for you.

Running until Saturday 7 May, 8:30pm at San Fran.  More information and tickets here:

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