Patch Lambert’s stories are primarily about him and his experiences.  It is almost impossible not to love this constantly smiling, Ewok-like bogan.  He leads us on adventures through his life and makes us feel like his mates at the pub, rather than an audience at a performance.

Lambert moves effortlessly from story to story. In fact his segues are one of the highlights of the show.  Somehow he connects builders to aliens, to pterodactyls, and then to testicles.  He has some brilliant callbacks, but don’t worry if you miss them – he will point out that you missed a great moment, but in a way that brings you back into the moment.  There was the occasional drop of a Star Wars joke (it was May the 4th after all) but they are always relevant to both the joke and to contemporary issues – again this is done so effortlessly that it seems like they were always part of his set.

We then move onto his theories about how to save the world from shark attacks where he drops more puns per minute than I thought possible.  Again, all relevant, and very, very funny. At times it seems like he is telling a story and then you realise that it is just jokes all the way down.

He then takes us to a more recent, slightly dark, time when he was left waiting around in a hospital.  Needless to say, he manages to turn this into an hilarious escapade.  His last bit involves a costume change and a bit of participation by the crowd, but when we aren’t overly enthusiastic he just rolls with it and carries on.

Patch is a lovable, clever and funny young man.  What is unique about Lambert is the subtle cleverness of his jokes. He is truly a Suburban Kiwi Icon.  If you go to one local act during this festival, make it this one.

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**Originally posted at Art Murmurs on 5/5/2016