Hosted at BATS on a stage littered with baby toys, the scene is set as Joseph Moore walks out on stage with a dirty diaper. We quickly realise that this is a theatre/comedy mash-up rather than a straight stand-up act.He delivers his set with energy and enthusiasm but unfortunately needs to refer to his notes a couple of times which breaks the flow. Throughout the set, it is his accidental comedy and improvisation that got some of the biggest laughs.

Highlights were his calling out of the hipster/millennial bullshit, and some very well crafted analogies and call-backs. There was a consistent narrative that was easy to follow and the journey he took the audience on was unique, setting himself as a rogue Dad on a mission. He is clearly skilled at thinking on his feet and it would have been great to see more of this talent. The use of stage lighting and spotlights served to heighten the show and this aspect was well executed.

Lowlights were that, at times, the story was inconsistent and this brought both of us out of the theatre element of the show.  Alongside this were instances of cultural and social misappropriation that didn’t add anything to the show and at times made both of us feel uncomfortable. For example; why does a successful judge need to be a “spinster”? Dropping that one word would have made it more engaging and more consistent with his argument.

It ended up feeling like a one hour set up for a surprising and very funny joke. It is a show with potential, once all the logical inconsistencies are straightened out and it is a bit more polished.

If you know and enjoyed Moore’s previous works, such as last years 1989, then you may find this show to be more entertaining than we did; so go and see it for yourself and let us know what you think in the comments.

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