Happy 2017 everyone – I hope it brings you all you want. Last year was crazy for me and I really did neglect this little blog, so I have added one more thing to my, almost completed, bucket list.

For those of you not in the know I wrote my bucket list when I turned 40 and it included things like – meet Stephen Fry (check), follow a band on tour (check, and I had so much fun I’m doing it again at least once this year), bring a big science show to NZ (check, in April), and the recent addition: go to (and review) at least 100 gigs in a  year (thanks Erin for the idea/challenge).

So how am I going to do all of this? Well for a start I need to be more organised…The Dose WILL be published every Monday evening and all reviews from the previous week will be up on a Wednesday…at least that is my plan. I will still be reviewing for other blogs during the Fringe Festival and the Comedy  Festival – but these will not count towards my gig quotient, and all reviews for the year will be numbered so I can keep track. Please hold me to task if I start slipping (us ADHD folks need deadlines).

Equally, I need your help – I need new bands to see and review in Wellington. Send me links, event invites and more. Want me to review – just ask, I’m honest and will always discuss my thoughts with you and seek clarity to anything I am uncertain of. Want to come along for some of the ride and be my gig buddy/editor occasionally – let me know, having a second opinion keeps me honest and on time.

Lastly – if you read this blog and see me out come say hi. After all, you are highly likely to find me at one of Valhalla, San Fran, Caroline, and Moon most Fridays and/or Saturdays this year.