Wow last week was a blast! And this week looks even bigger.

In case you haven’t heard Nick Cave is playing on Tuesday at the TSB arena. There are still GA tickets left via ticketek. I have just been given a ticket by one lovely (but unfortunate) friend and am so excited to go.

I am going to get this weeks comedy hit at Dank 17 on Friday – this month featuring 3 of the 5 Billy-T nominees (amongst other great comics). That is pretty good for only $10.

Saturday will see me catching Die! Die! Die! at Caroline – it’s a small venue and they are pretty popular in Wellington so make sure you get a pre-sale. Like all Die! Die! Die! gigs I’m sure it’s gonna be loud and energetic.

Sunday brings the gig I have been looking forward to for months: The Mockers at San Fran. Don’t think that this is going to be some old musos getting back on the road – I saw Andrew Fagan play in 2015 and he is still fantastic on stage. That set included some Mockers songs and I cannot wait to hit the dance floor to them.

If (like me) you are still feeling the pinch from xmas/new years spending then remember that there are currently FREE shows every evening in the Botanic Gardens – these are a great way to see something new. And if you missed Nation last Thursday you can catch them at The Southern Cross on Sunday (For free!)

See you on the dance floor 🙂