This is a 2 week edition of The Dose – mostly because I am spending this week in the South Island with The Veils on their Total Depravity tour.

So obviously I will be at San Fran on Wednesday to see The Veils. Then following that I am heading down south for the rest of their tour – 5 gigs in 5 days. Let’s see if I can manage that. If you happen to be at any of the South Island shows please come and say hi.

If you are staying in Wellington over the next week or so there is loads on. Obviously Guns and Roses on Thursday, but also the one show that gave me second thoughts about heading south – Disjectra Membra and Sounds Like Winter at Valhalla on Friday. I am a big fan of Disjectra Membra and have been wanting to see Sounds Like Winter again for a long time – if you are in town don’t miss it!

The other gig catching my eye is Merrin at Valhalla on Feb 11 – this is a band that I seem to keep missing for various reasons so will be keen to check them out.

And of course, next Friday the Fringe Festival kicks off. There is so much I want to go and see in the Fringe this year I’d be hard pressed to narrow it down. Hopefully I will be able to bribe a slightly more arty friend to give you a few tips here next week 😉

Have a great long weekend and I’ll be back next weekend with a load of updates from down south.