I’m back!!! For those of you not in the know, I had a run of bad luck after getting back from The Veils tour so I took a bit of a break. But now I am ready to play catch-up on my writing and get back out reviewing.

At this stage I plan on popping along to Eyegum Wednesdays at San Fran every week – it’s free and it’s a great way to keep an eye on what is happening locally. Plus they tend to get started relatively early (9ish) and are usually done by 10:30 so you can make that last train or bus home. This week sees Church of Goya and Polygon Suns on the bill.

On Friday I am pretty certain I am gong to head along to Aint Got No Watchamacallit at San Fran. With a varied line-up containing Sicari,  Free The Cats,  Wolf Cult, and  Lucid Effect this should be a show with something for everyone. I saw Sicari earlier in the year and am looking forward to seeing them again.

So keep an eye out here – I’m gonna take it a little slow while I catch up on my reviews, but keep sending me info about upcoming shows – I may need to jump on another tour later in the year…