Some of you have noticed that I haven’t written a lot over the last couple of months. To be honest, even though I have still been going to gigs (semi) regularly and taking notes I just haven’t had the time to write them up. Life changed. I became a full time student, work 25+ hours a week, and continue to develop and run events. Sometimes I wonder how I even find the time to go to the gig itself!

Given that one of the points of this challenge was to get me in the habit of making at least one post each week I intend to make a few changes to this blog. I am going to include any comedy (or other) gigs I review as part of the challenge – usually I will choose music over comedy, but both can be considered gigs and both take time to attend and write up. If I haven’t yet written up a review for a show I have seen – I will get there, but I am going to start by keeping on top of the recent shows. Equally there may be a couple which are exceptionally brief and/or missed as I recently had a bag stolen which contained one of my notebooks.

So bear with me – I will catch up, and I will start posting more often.