I love live music – its a natural high for me. Watching a great show, hearing a song played a different way, catching the buzz of the crowd, its all part of it.

I also love the anticipation of a new album from a local band.  I will likely have already heard live versions of the songs and have gotten to know some of the stories.  Plus of course it means that there is an album release tour coming up 🙂

So I’m going to write down my thoughts on experiencing these things that make me happy, hopefully they are entertaining and useful to somebody (at the very least it helps me remember what was good and worth repeating).

I’m not going to go and see bands if I don’t like their music, so don’t expect some critical analysis of the band, I want to focus on the performance. There are loads of great musicians out there, some are good live and some are great live.

This blog will also have a focus on kiwi music, there’s heaps of great stuff and its cheap enough that you can see a band almost every weekend if you want 🙂

Here is a list of some of my current favourite kiwi artists who I have seen live and would definitely see again: The Veils, Villainy, Black River Drive, Luger Boa, Clap Clap Riot, Glass Owls, Shane Carter, Shihad, Elemeno P, HLAH and more……
International acts I have seen and rate highly are: Stone Temple Pilots, Morrissey, David Bowie, Nine Inch Nails, Queens of the Stone Age, The Cure, Placebo ………….

So that gives you an idea of my taste in live music at least, feel free to make me recommendations. I hope to one day find the perfect gig. The gig that gets all the elements right – and if I never find it I am always happy just looking 🙂

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