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Bogan vs Bogan – an interview with Patch Lambert and Savanna Calton

Patch and Savanna both grew up in the Hutt; Savanna has recently escaped whilst Patch is still stranded there.   They are both excellent comedians who occasionally make reference to their (slightly) bogan upbringing and nature.  They also both have shows... Continue Reading →


Interview with Jamie and Ian from Bakers Eddy

Bakers Eddy is a band to keep an eye on.  Since winning the 2015 Demon Energy Battle of the Bands, which included a prize of a 10 date tour across Europe, they have been making some decent waves in the... Continue Reading →

A Tension to Detail

For a storytelling show that has been performed around the world over the last couple of years, Gerard Harris comes across as very unscripted.  He sets the scene by telling us that we shouldn’t believe everything we hear, but these... Continue Reading →

Villainy – Dead Sight

The first listen of this album felt like an emotional rollercoaster, jumping from Safe Passage to the ‘in your face’ Syria and then later the slightly slower The National Guard followed by No Future.  But, after listening to it many... Continue Reading →

Brave New Void

This is the debut album from Wellington band Brave New Void.  I have seen them play live several times and really enjoy their music so it was with much anticipation that I picked up this album from Joe. Overall the... Continue Reading →

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