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2017 Billy T Round Up

The Billy T Award is possibly the most well-known award in New Zealand comedy. The winner receives the famous ‘yellow towel’, a small grant, and a lot of prestige. Every year, many up-and-coming comedians spend a significant amount of time... Continue Reading →


Cosmic Shambles LIVE – announcement

Cosmic Shambles LIVE is going to be one of the most awesome variety shows you will ever see! Not only do we have some of the top names in comedy and science from the UK - they will be joined... Continue Reading →

Live Comedy with a Sprinkling of Live Music – Rock’n’Lols

The lure of an event containing two of my favourite things at an unconventional venue was enough to draw me away from my usual Wednesday night comedy show, and I’m glad I went along. Rock ‘n’ Lols is organized by... Continue Reading →

The Menagerie August 2016

The Menagerie is a monthly variety show produced by Rachel Rouge. The August show was a mix of circus, burlesque, magic, comedy, music and poetry all tied together by the MC Mr Wizowski. The performers were equally balanced between emerging... Continue Reading →


Enigma is a one-man comedy show starring (in his own words) the world's greatest pickup artist.  Performed by Alexander Sparrow, Enigma is an incredibly well developed and believable character, so much so that others at my table spent a reasonable... Continue Reading →

The Good, the Bad, and the Unemployed

Combining Jack Ansett, Dylan Watts and Justin White in one show should have been a discordant adventure - but thanks to some clever MCing by Snap it became relatively harmonious. The show was criminally under-attended maybe it's the rain, maybe... Continue Reading →

Wes Barker: Stunt Magician

Wes Barker takes the stage with confidence and begins by getting us to rate his appearance, he takes the low(ish) ratings well and this sets up what will become a running gag for the rest of the evening.   The... Continue Reading →

Bogan vs Bogan – an interview with Patch Lambert and Savanna Calton

Patch and Savanna both grew up in the Hutt; Savanna has recently escaped whilst Patch is still stranded there.   They are both excellent comedians who occasionally make reference to their (slightly) bogan upbringing and nature.  They also both have shows... Continue Reading →

Rob Harris’ Comedy Festival Picks for Wellington: Week Three

It’s the last week of the Comedy Festival, and once again the lineup is fantastic.  There is a great mix of national and international comics and even a family-friendly show on Saturday - Stand Up For Kids.   Once again... Continue Reading →

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