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#3: Shambles and GROMz @ Meow

Meow is almost at capacity tonight, it’s a young crowd and there are plenty of Dunedin students who are home for the holidays. Both bands have a decent following down South and it quickly becomes clear why they have such... Continue Reading →


#2: Sea Mouse & Nation @ San Fran

#1: Summer fun, bands, & holiday heaven @ Valhalla

Over the last year or so I have had some of my favourite nights at Valhalla - they consistently put on great, well-priced line-ups, and tonight was no exception. Four bands, each of whom had their own distinct sound and... Continue Reading →

Cosmic Shambles LIVE – announcement

Cosmic Shambles LIVE is going to be one of the most awesome variety shows you will ever see! Not only do we have some of the top names in comedy and science from the UK - they will be joined... Continue Reading →

Live Comedy with a Sprinkling of Live Music – Rock’n’Lols

The lure of an event containing two of my favourite things at an unconventional venue was enough to draw me away from my usual Wednesday night comedy show, and I’m glad I went along. Rock ‘n’ Lols is organized by... Continue Reading →

Another great night at Valhalla (Sept 2016)

Once again for a mere $10 there were several bands playing at Valhalla, only this time each of the bands was very different musically. First up we had Short Girls. Opening to a small crowd is never easy, and although... Continue Reading →


Enigma is a one-man comedy show starring (in his own words) the world's greatest pickup artist.  Performed by Alexander Sparrow, Enigma is an incredibly well developed and believable character, so much so that others at my table spent a reasonable... Continue Reading →

Decades (April 2016)

Decades was the opening band for Villainy’s Dead Sight album release tour, so I had the privilege of seeing them play 7 times over 3 weekends.   They have been playing together since 2009 but have recently taken a slight direction... Continue Reading →

Jake Stokes & the Smoking Barrels @ Southern Cross (Feb 2016)

Jake Stokes and the Smoking Barrels played a highly enjoyable and incredibly danceable blues-rock set last Saturday.  There was a reasonable crowd there to see the show but for some reason everyone seemed reluctant to get up and dance, but... Continue Reading →

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