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The Dose - where to get your dopamine hit this weekend - June 17/18. Is your cerebral cortex suffering from decision fatigue?  Let me help with my prescription for the weekend. Friday night is fast becoming comedy night with 3 excellent shows... Continue Reading →


New Age Leper + Bakers Eddy + Racing @Bodega (Nov 2015)

So I wouldn't usually try to write up 3 bands - but all 3 of them were so good that I can't bring myself to leave one out.  First up was New Age Leper - I had not heard these... Continue Reading →

Ekko Park + Dead Letter Circus @Bodega (Nov 2015)

Ekko Park is a classic kiwi rock band - catchy sound with a good live stage presence.  Nick (the drummer) is completely engaging on stage and Joe (lead singer) has a voice that reminds me of Milan Borich (Pluto) -... Continue Reading →

Saint Drogo & Bakers Eddy (Feb 2015)

Saint Drogo Last time I saw these guys I left with the feeling that they are worth giving a second chance, and I'm happy to say that tonights set was much, much better and it really highlighted how amazing their... Continue Reading →

Brave New Void and Bakers Eddy (Oct 2014)

Opening act – VWO (virgins with orifices) This was an "entertaining" band to watch…… their music sounded like a mix of 80’s pop Cure and something else that I couldn't quite put my finger on.  The lead singer is very... Continue Reading →

Pop Will Eat Itself (Sept 2014)

Support act - Brave New Void I had never heard of this band before, and if you haven't they are worth checking out.  They have only been performing together a few months and so its not a great stage show... Continue Reading →

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