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#3: Shambles and GROMz @ Meow

Meow is almost at capacity tonight, it’s a young crowd and there are plenty of Dunedin students who are home for the holidays. Both bands have a decent following down South and it quickly becomes clear why they have such... Continue Reading →


Andrew Fagan (Feb 2015)

Andrew fagan with his new band The People put on a perfect show on Sunday afternoon.  The band is super tight and the set list was well picked alternating between old and new.  The Mockers were one of the bands... Continue Reading →

The Shadow Blasters & Bakers Eddy (Jan 2015)

Opening act: Shrines Very new 3 piece band, kind of a poppy jazz-rock sound.  They have potential but need more time, it is hard for a 3 piece to put on a show . Female leads voice is reminiscent of Gin... Continue Reading →

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