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Villainy + Devilskin (Oct 2015)

Villainy steps up and gets the crowd rocking with Ammunition and No Future before moving into a new song Love and War and they bring it to a whole new level - but then taking an album track somewhere different is... Continue Reading →


Villainy – Dead Sight

The first listen of this album felt like an emotional rollercoaster, jumping from Safe Passage to the ‘in your face’ Syria and then later the slightly slower The National Guard followed by No Future.  But, after listening to it many... Continue Reading →

Homegrown 2015

Villainy Excellent show as always from these guys - they have really been on form recently. Standing back a further today I finally got my head around why they are so good - every single one of them loves what... Continue Reading →

Villainy (Oct 2014)

Opening Act - Curlys Jewels These guys won the competition to open for Villainy, it was based on fan votes so they obviously have a good following already.  I found their music catchy with some great bass lines and of... Continue Reading →

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